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Our pets are part of the family. Don’t they deserve exceptional care? If holistic pet care is a top priority, you’ll love the products Live Well Wyo offers.

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We’re a Torrington, WY-based retailer that carries…

  • Pain ointment for dogs and cats
  • Eco-friendly litter deodorizer
  • Natural flea and tick spray
  • Pet grooming products
  • Gourmet pet treats

Forget About Driving to the Pet Store

Order pet care products online. From leashes to litter, we’ve got your pet’s essentials in one place.

Our products come from Youngevity, a popular health and wellness brand. Live Well Wyo is an authorized Youngevity retailer based in Torrington, WY.

Our online store features even more pet care products than we’ve got listed here. Visit the Shop Youngevity page now to explore your options.

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